Supublics are humans born with unique powers that separate them from other humans. The term is a neologism that describes human beings who have superpowers[1][2] and is a portmanteau of the words "super" + "public".[3]

It is believed that the best honour that a supublic can have is becoming a superhero.[1] Whether this can still be held as true after the destruction of the Committee headquarters remains to be seen.


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A supublic's superpowers are what differentiates them from regular human beings. All supublics possess superpowers and all supublics are born with a single special skill that is generally unique to them.

As well as enhanced physical capabilities, all supublics have the potential to use Beam Bursters, be able to high jump and also fall relatively safely using the fall-slow skill.[4]

Supublics never use weapons because the strongest weapon they can use is their own bodies;[5] no weapons in the world are more agile than, sharp enough to pierce or firm enough to do critical damage to a supublic.[5]

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • LINE erroneously translates the term as "Superblics".
  • Before the fall of the Committee, supublics that failed Justice College and didn't want to serve in the Under Corps nor become a villain, used to fight in illegal underground arenas to make money.[6] Whether this still applies after the fall of the Committee remains to be seen.


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