Superpowers are what differentiates supublics from regular human beings. In essence, one is classified as a supublic if they possess superpowers.

Triad PranaEdit

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The Triad Prana are a set of three artefacts that are the origin of superpowers come together to form one.[1] The Triad Prana share each a little of the other's functions, however each one has its own specific capabilities.

Nine StuffEdit

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The Nine Stuff are a set of nine artefacts that were created to balance the constant chaos between the Triad Prana.[2] The Nine Stuff are more powerful the higher the number of the item, with the top three Nine Stuff having a level of power near to the Triad Prana.[3]

Nature of SuperpowersEdit

When a supublic uses their superpowers it slowly drains them. Once a supublic's powers have been depleted, they are unable to use their superpowers again until their powers recover; the recovery speed of one's powers rapidly increases via strong emotions such as extreme rage.[4]

Training superpowers

The three superpower reserves

All supublics have basic abilities and skills that they are capable of possessing. This includes enhanced physical capabilities (such as enhanced strength, speed, durability, endurance etc.), the high jump power,[5][6] the fall-slow/freefall skill[5][6] and the ability to fire Beam Bursters. All of these basic abilities and skills can be improved through training and experience. All supublics can develop three powers through training and practice:[7]
  • A supublic's superpower reserves at their maximum limit when they are in a crisis. This is the best way to determine their potential.
  • Present superpower reserves which can be used to calculate a supublic's current strength.
  • Momentary superpower reserves used for short instant bursts.

On very rare occasions, due to a mutation or deformation of a supublic's genes or hormones after their superpowers manifest, their bodies develop abnormal symptoms.[8] While these abnormal symptoms usually cause unfortunate transformational side-effects, such as with Snatcher and Hacky, on even rarer cases the side-effects are beneficial, as with Phoenix.

Beam BurstersEdit

The Beam Burster is a long-distance offensive skill which focuses a beam of energy from the user's hands, mouth or eyes (or even their entire body).[9] Its speed, power and range depend on the supublic's individual abilities and relative power level. When it's used, it consumes a supublic's superpowers.[9] Despite a Beam Burster's destructive potential, they can be blocked or deflected.[10]

Special SkillsEdit

A special skill is a unique ability or skill that all supublics possess. Supublics are only born with a single special skill and, before the attacks against the Committee, it was almost unheard of for a non-hero to possess more than one special skill (superheroes get their second skill from the cape they wear). Despite this, possessing more than one special skill is still rare. Four years after the fall of the Committee, it is now much more often to encounter villains possessing multiple special skills.

List of Known Special SkillsEdit

List of Special Skills
Skill Name Users Capabilities
Cloning (unnamed)Siegfried HesslerThe user can create physical clones of themselves. Using this skill divides the level of superpowers between the clones and the original.
Claw Retraction (unnamed)Iblis, SnatcherThe user has the ability to freely extend and retract sharp nails; the nails are several inches long when fully extended. The user's nails are sharp and durable enough to easily cleave through flesh.
Digital Connection (unnamed)HackyThe user has the ability to connect their brain directly to digital data, allowing them to manipulate it as they please.[8]
Dimensional Control (unnamed)SuccubusThe user is able to control dimensions and dimensional spaces at will. With this the user is able to create portals to other dimensions[11] as well as shift others to other dimensions at a whim.[12]
EarthquakeAfrostarThe user has the ability to produce local quakes in their immediate vicinity. The quakes are strong enough to damage terrain (as well as unsettle other person's footing).[13]
Elasticity (unnamed)Lightning's sidekickThe user has the ability to freely stretch their body to great lengths.
Electricity Generation (unnamed)LightningThe user has the ability to generate powerful arcs of electricity that are more than capable of electrocuting people to death.
Fire Generation (unnamed)"Flamer"The user has the ability to generate fire from their body, generally from the mouth. Despite being able to produce fire, the user is not completely immune to the effects of fire and can be overwhelmed by other flames.[14]
Fire Mimicry (unnamed)FlareThe user has the ability to engulf and cover their body in flames. This also gives the user additional abilities of simulated flight and the ability to generate fire.
FlightMultiple supublicsThe user is able to achieve levitation and true supersonic flight.
GhostBansheeThe user has the ability to become completely intangible, much like a ghost. It also gives the additional ability of levitation and flight. The intangibility ability can be bypassed by users with the Invisibility skill.
GiantAfrostarThe user gains the ability to rapidly grow to a giant-like size.[13]
Gravity ControlLightningThe user has the ability to manipulate and control gravity in its most basic form. This extends to making objects and people lighter[15] or vice-versa and making them much, much heavier instead.[13][12]
Great ExplosionMetaroidThe user has the ability to detonate themselves, causing an immense explosion that causes widescale destruction.[16] The user remains completely unaffected by the explosion they produce.
Hand BladeGale, GlamqueenThe user has the ability to generate severing slashes of energy from their hands. The energy slashes are powerful enough to easily slice through gold[17] and flesh.[13]
High-speed RegenerationMultiple supublicsThe user has the passive ability to quickly rapidly regenerate from usually fatal injuries.[11]
Ice Generation (unnamed)"Mr. Freezie"The user has the ability to generate ice from their hands.[18]
Invisibility (unnamed)LimpidThe user has the ability to become optically invisible. They can still be sensed using other methods however.
Magnetism (unnamed)Seeker's sidekickThe user has the ability to detect and manipulate magnetic materials.
Mind ControlIblis, PhantomThe user has the ability to usurp control of a person's mind and then control their actions to the user's whim. It is easier to control a person's mind if the person in question has twisted or dark thoughts.[19]
MiniGreen FireThe user has the ability to shrink down to a miniature size, whilst retaining their original physical capabilities.
Prehensile Hair (unnamed)Unnamed VillainThe user is able to freely manipulate and control the properties and length of the hair/fur on their body.[11]
PsychokinesisBlood Pack, Unnamed VillainThe user is able to manipulate and control objects using their mind. With enough power and skill, it is even possible to simulate an increase of gravity using this ability.[20]
Razor Whip Hands (unnamed)ElfieThe user can transform their hands into powerful whips that are much sharper than they superficially appear. The user can also elongate them for more ranged attacks.
RoarSilver-LionThe user can emit incredibly loud, piercing roars from their mouth, enough to inflict intense pain to anyone that hears them.
Shadow Manipulation (unnamed)One-Eyed ShadowThe user is able to become and merge with shadows and freely manipulate themselves in shadow form. The user is also seemingly able to teleport while in this shadow-like form.
Sickle Hands (unnamed)SickleThe user can transform their hands into powerful energy sickles capable of easily slicing through other relatively powerful supublics.
Solid Merging (unnamed)Composer, GaleThe user has the ability to merge with the surface of objects and move around within objects at will. This extends to also being able to merge and move through organic substances and beings such as trees[21] or even other supublics.[21][13]
Superpower TrackingDead Mask, SeekerThe user has the ability to accurately detect and ascertain the location and magnitude of supublics and superpowers.
TelepathyMultiple supublicsThe user is able to communicate mentally with other people. Stronger users of this skill can actively read and discern the thoughts of other people.
Time PauseMonkThe user has the ability to pause time in a specific area for a period of time. The user can choose who they want to affect with this ability but the ability will fail to work on people who are stronger than the user.
Water Manipulation (unnamed)LimpidThe user is able to manipulate water in its entirety.
Wind Manipulation (unnamed)GaleThe user is able to form miniature cyclones and then launch them at enemies.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Consuming alcohol suppresses the level of a supublic's superpowers.[22]