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Lamia Lilith (Dream Girl)

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Lamia Lilith
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Nightmare Inducement
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Nightmare (나아트메어, Naiteumeeo) is the protagonist of Sidekicks and is currently an alcoholic hero.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Lamia, also known as the hero Nightmare, is a beautiful busty blonde, with grayish blue eyes, and a fit build. Many characters, like Hacky for example, comment throughout the series on how pretty she is as well as her generous bust. When she was Dream Girl, she wore a pink spandex leotard with long white gloves and thigh high, white boots. She later got a new outfit that was less pink and more black. When she became Nightmare, she switched out her outfit for a black leotard, boots, gloves, and cape with silver embellishments and a belt. When not dressed up, Lamia will usually wear tight fitting outfits i.e. blouse with a bandage skirt and heels.

Lamia is a very strong willed girl, who will give her all to help those in need. She will not abandon anyone, even when she is in terrible danger. This is shown when she refused to leave the kidnapped children on the boat in one of the very first chapters instead of saving herself. She was easily fed up with her master, Darkslug, but continued to serve him so that so that she could become a hero. After the time skip, Lamia becomes more sombre and powerful. She has taken up her old master's habit of drinking because alcohol weakens her superpowers, allowing her to disarm and knock out her opponents instead of killing them. She seems to have taken up her master's nonchalant and somewhat reckless and cocky attitude (as seen when she fights, and how she treats her sidekick), but this may be her way of trying to cope with how much she misses Darkslug.


As a child, she was saved by the hero Darkslug, and ever since she was determined to become his sidekick. Her powers showed up at a later age and she was sent to the special academy for superblics to train to become a sidekick. During Darkslug's sidekick trials, she tried to help her fellow superblic (and friend at the time), Olivia, complete the trial. She was taken advantage of by Olivia who accepted her help and then went to finish in first place by sabotaging Lamia. However, Darkslug was watching the participants and saw Lamia's kindness and thus selected her to be his sidekick.


Lamia is first seen saving a plane from crashing, while her master Darkslug continues to sip his wine and come out at the end, claiming credit for her work.

After crashing into the ocean, she climbs aboard a ship before passing out. When she comes to, a man is yelling at her to wake up. Lamia finds herself bound to a table, but the man lets her go, telling her to quickly run away and to not get in his way. Lamia is angered at this but runs after the man, agreeing to leave that is until she sees children in cages. Refusing to leave them behind she argues with the man until the captain of the ship arrives, immediately attacking Lamia. When Darkslug arrives, only leaving soon after telling her to get him more wine Lamia becomes enraged and attacks the captain. She uses her power of sleep inducement, and throws him into the sea only for him to pop back out. Luckily though, the man who first helped Lamia appeared and grabbed onto the captain throwing him back into the water for good. A rescue team then appears, helping the children return home. Lamia is left wondering who the mystery guy was and if he is still alive.

The next couple of episodes, Darkslug and Lamia (Dream Girl) are given the mission to kill a man who has been illegally killing villains. When they finally find the man it turns out to be the man who helped Lamia on the boat. Before Darkslug gives the finishing blow to him, Lamia puts Darkslug to sleep and saves the mystery man. She does this under the orders of the Secretary General Camilla Barnett.

She is then put in the detention center with the man whose name is Theo. After he wakes her up, they bicker back and fourth before Darkslug enters and releases both of them. A deal is made that if Theo wins a fight agaisnt Lamia then he will be able to leave, but if she wins then he has to become a sidekick of a hero. Both fight very hard, but Lamia ends up on top and Theo has to become the sidekick of Limpid.

In the next episode, while Lamia is out finding her master's car after he left it somewhere when he was drunk, she sees a explosion in the distance where she rushes to find Theo fighting Metaroid, a villain. She helps Theo out, and he returns the favor by shoving her out of the way of a blast. He lands on top of her, and then refuses to get off until she tells him where Darkslug is. Because of their bickering they almost get smashed but together they stop the attack. After almost defeating him, they are both too tired and Limpid and Darkslug swoop in and deal the finishing blow.

Lamia's next mission is to help transport a very dangerous villain Pluton to another prison. But, Darkslug does not accompany her because he is in the detention center for trying to profit off of advertisement on Lamia's suit which goes against the hero's laws. When Lamia first arrives at the prison, she spots Theo among the guards saluting her as she walks in. He notices her as well and drops his salute, while wondering why "pink spandex girl is here". She gets him into trouble with his general for not "saluting her well". Lamia is then approached by Judy and Olivia, fellow students back in Lamia's school days. These two competed with her for the spot of Darkslug's sidekick but even though Olivia won the event, Darkslug still picked Lamia. Since then, Olivia has been mad at Lamia for ruining her life, even though Lamia won fair and square. After Lamia heads into her room, Theo who was assigned to Lamia's room, appears with her dinner. They talk for awhile, and Lamia thanks him for helping her out the last couple of times. When he leaves he overhears Olivia and Judy talking about their plot to release Pluton and "accidentally" have Lamia killed in the process. He noticeably becomes very angry about this confronts Olivia, only to be pushed off of the buildings walkway.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Sleep & Nightmare InducementEdit

As Dream Girl: If her enemy stares into her eyes, she can make them fall asleep or lose consciousness for a while and make them dream.

As Nightmare: Her sleep inducing powers have been greatly improved and her enemies fall asleep for extended periods of time and she can even take down strong hero-level people i.e. Dire, with her powers. She can make them have rather lucid and vivid nightmares or just knock them unconscious.


Due to taking possession of Darkslug's old cape, Nightmare has access to the Flight skill allowing her to freely levitate and fly at high speeds.

Second PranaEdit

Main article: First Prana

The Second Prana allows the Nightmare to mimick and amplify the power of her opponent. (Give in Season 2 episode 80 by Darkslug, not used by Nightmare yet).


Darkslug: When Lamia was a child, Darkslug saved her and ever since she wanted to become his sidekick. But, after she became his sidekick, she realizes how much of a terrible boss he is. He leaves her to do all the dirty work while he gets all the fame and also orders her around, making her get him wine. But, as much as Lamia gets annoyed with him, he usually always comes through in the end saving her from getting hurt or even death. It is shown that he truly cared about her when he saved her from what would have been a fatal blow. As he dies, he tells her the real reason he choose her as his sidekick and transfers his powers over to her. Lamia clearly misses him, calling her boss master and taking on his drinking habit.

Blackhound (Theo): The start of their relationship was pretty rocky. They would continuously bicker back and fourth and almost get themselves killed, but they both have saved each other multiple times. Nearing the end of the story Lamia and Theo show an upcoming friendship. It is also implied that they care deeply for one another, mostly shown on Theo's end when he saved Lamia from multiple attacks even though he was exhausted or near death. In one instance when he is unconscious, two villains are talking about "playing" around with Lamia, but he awakens and attacks them, enraged. Even Darkslug has taken notice of this, knowing that if he acted as if he would hurt her, Theo would get very angry and awaken the 2nd Prana.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • It is implied that there were romantic feelings between Lamia and Theo.