Humankind Security Committee HQ island

The Committee headquarter's former location

The Humankind Security Committee is an organisation that governs and controls supublics with the objective of maintaining justice for humanity.[1] The Committee is the foremost authority on what supublics do; in short the Committee is law for supublics.[1] As such they have the authority to appoint or remove a hero's position and the executive Committee members consider any supublic that uses superpowers while not under their control to be a villain.[1]

The scope of the Committee is global and they have branches across the globe. In the Committee headquarters is the meeting room of the executive Committee members, the Secretary General's office, Secretary General's residence, the Committee Situation Centre[2] and underneath the buildings was their Detention Centre.[3] Their headquarters was previously located on an isolated island but, after being destroyed in a devastating attack by villains, it now temporarily resides in a forest.[4] While the former Committee headquarters existed, Pietro was in charge of it.[5]

Committee HierarchyEdit

At the top are the nine executive Committee members, who have complete authority over almost everyone else in the organisation and are ranked in superiority from 1-9. The top members are apparently made up of aged former superheroes who were once feared as the most powerful around[5] and each of them are in charge of keeping one of the Nine Stuff. The locations of the nine executive Committee members is unknown[5] and it is forbidden for an executive Committee to look up information on executive Committee members that are superior to them.[6]

  1. Unknown
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  5. Hellen Hil(?) - Holy Fluid[6]
  6. Unknown
  7. Unknown
  8. Hacky - Delta Chrome[7]
  9. Pietro - Forcebite[8]

Humankind Security Committee HQ (temporary)

The current temporary location of the Committee's headquarters

Next is the Secretary General who has complete authority over all the heroes affiliated with the Committee as well as all Under Corps members. Camilla Barnett held the role until she was caught at an illegal arena where she was replaced by hero Lightning who was given the role temporarily.[9] He was given the role permanently after the Committee headquarters were destroyed and Pietro was killed.[10]

The superheroes affiliated to the Committee are next and they have authority over their sidekicks and Under Corps members. Under the heroes are their sidekicks who have a general authority over Under Corps members. At the bottom are the members of the Under Corps who take orders from those ranked above them.

Justice CollegeEdit

Justice College is where supublics go when their superpowers manifest. Supublics are then taught how to control their powers, about laws and about ethics.[11] Eventually, they take a test at the end of their Sidekick-Hero courses and those that are successful become the sidekicks of superheroes but those that fail are sent to the Under Corps.

After the Committee headquarters were destroyed, the Justice College was abolished alongside it since the two were related.[12]

Under CorpsEdit

Main article: Under Corps

The Under Corps are a large special force that consists of supublics, most of whom failed to become sidekicks. They work underneath superheroes and sidekicks, and are mainly expected to do grunt work, as well as man the various villain prisons.


  • LINE sometimes translates it as Humanity Security Council.