Episode 44


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13th January, 2015
8th April, 2015
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Episode 44: In the Committee HQ Limpid is on top in her fight with Mybee causing the latter to frustratedly retaliate with a powerful blast of power that fells the middle tower. Limpid arises from the rubble and wonders if Mybee survived too, before noting the condition she was in.

Elsewhere, Metheos fells Blackhound with ease whilst Darkslug knocks out Dream Girl and puts her in the cell with the knocked out Camilla and Kyle. Monk wonders if it was Darkslug, but the hero nonchalantly kills the two villains as he walks past them. Metheos then tries to draw out the true form of the Second Prana but he is interrupted by a kick in the head from Limpid. However Metheos quickly overwhelms her and readies to land the killing blow. In the cell, Camilla wakes Dream Girl up and tells her Darkslug had locked them inside due to the weight of the situation.

Metheos mercilessly impales Limpid through the chest with his hand before throwing her down. As Camilla notes that Darkslug did what he did to prevent her from running into "him", Darkslug shows up in front of Metheos deriding him with some snarky comments. Camilla then says she hopes those two would have settled things before Theo saw "him".