Episode 43


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6th January, 2015
1st April, 2015
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Episode 43: Monk says they should play around with Dream Girl but he turns around to see his ally being choked by Blackhound. However the villain manages to throw off Blackhound, who lands on top of Dream Girl. Monk says they should just finish them before Metheos arrived.

Dream Girl says she'll free Darkslug and Camilla while Blackhound holds them off. As Dream Girl runs off, Blackhound takes the two villains on, with Monk wondering why his powers don't work on the sidekick as well as why he couldn't gauge Blackhound's strength. Just then, Blackhound is knocked down by a beam from Metheos, with the latter telling the two villains to go after Dream Girl.

In the Committee dungeon, Darkslug confirms that it was "him" who was responsible for the trouble. He then starts to strip alarming Camilla, but he tells her he was getting ready to escape. Outside their cell, Dream Girl reaches the control panel but has to dodge a villain's Beam Burster before she can open the cell door. Elsewhere Metheos holds Blackhound by his head, pleased that he had finally got the Second Prana. Back outside the cell, Monk tries to pause Dream Girl with his power but she manages to open the cell doors anyway, much to his chagrin, allowing Darkslug to make his exit...