Episode 41


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23rd December, 2014
18th March, 2015
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Episode 41: Camilla notices that the Committee HQ was under attack from the noises and Darkslug notes that they were the only heroes in the building. Meanwhile Lightning is alerted to the attack and rages frustratedly that he had been led into a trap.

Back in the dungeon, Kyle tries once more to escape, saying the barrier was too strong. Camilla asks Darkslug once more if they could escape but he says he can't before adding that either his current sidekick or his former sidekick would be coming.

Just then Limpid sneak attacks Mybee before her skill is nullified by Metheos. Limpid continues to overwhelm Mybee, with the latter telling Metheos to go on as she would deal with the hero.

Pietro tries to flee the building until he runs into Metheos, who kills his guards. Metheos asks where the First Prana is but Pietro evades the question. Metheos chastises the top members of the Committee before decapitating Pietro. Metheos senses the Second Prana incoming and wonders where the First Prana could be. As Dream Girl rushes to find Darkslug, Metheos concludes it would be in the place with the most powerful hero guarding it.