Episode 31


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14th October, 2014
7th January, 2015
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Episode 31: After being kicked down, the two sidekicks are spotted by a strange man who tells them to follow him. Realising the hideout was connected to an underground subway, the strange man tells them to run down the subway as it was in the best interests.

Meanwhile, in an illegal underground fighting ring, two supublics are duking it out but the one called "Mr. Freezie" eventually wins. Up in the VIP stands, Camilla meets Darkslug and asks why they were there. Just then Theo walks out as the new challenger, under the alias "Black Rat", with Lamia acting as the ring girl. Darkslug then explains that to awaken Theo's power, he first had to gauge how much power he had, and Camilla understands.

Down in the ring, the strange man tells Theo that if he wins 4 times in a row he gets to face the champion, who apparently was one of the villains that defeated Guardian. Mr. Freezie attacks Theo whilst he is listening to the man, but Theo nonchalantly freezes his opponent as he acknowledges what the strange man is telling him.