Episode 3


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1st April, 2014
1st July, 2014
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Episode 3: Dream Girl arrives at Darkslug's residence with the French wine he asked her to bring. However he destroys the wine, saying he now wanted an Italian wine instead. He then got a message from the Committee and told Dream Girl to hurry up as they didn't like people being late.

Inside the Committee meeting room, the higher ups chastise General Camilla for taking too long to capture the "Villain Hunter" but she tries to defend him to no avail. Coming out of the meeting, Darkslug surprises her before going into the meeting room but Camilla ignores him and asks Dream Girl to come with her. On the balcony of the Committee tower, Camilla asks Lamia what she thought of the Villain Hunter before asking the latter if she would do her a favour.

Later at night, in an dock warehouse, the Villain Hunter notes that Captain Rodriguez was a tough enemy. Suddenly the Captain appears and attacks him but he retaliates with an attack of his own before revealing it to actually be an illusion produced by the villain Miss Illusion. She tells him that he had gained a reputation among the villains and that she had come to kill him along with two other villains. The three quickly overwhelm the Villain Hunter and ready to kill him until Miss Illusion hears a sound and they see Darkslug and Dream Girl standing by the doorway. With Darkslug seeing the situation, he turns to leave with one of the villains sarcastically calling him out.