Episode 28


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23rd September, 2014
17th December, 2014
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Episode 28: With orders to take her down, Snatcher is attacked by Under Corps causing her to flee. The corpsmen try to chase her but Dream Girl blocks their path and Blackhound catches Snatcher, with the woman begging to be spared. Blackhound tells Dream Girl that Snatcher no longer has powers and then gives a grateful, remorseful Melissa back her pendant. As Dream Girl then moves to put a coat on her, Blackhound kicks her away, grabs Melissa and then dodges a blast of electricity.

A furious Lightning arrives, trying to kill Melissa, and tells the sidekicks if they get in his way he'll kill them too, before levitating them high in the air using his cape-skill. In the Committee's buildings Darkslug appears in Camilla's room and asks who Theo is. He surmises exactly what the power could be and Camilla confirms that Theo has the Second Prana.

Lightning leaps upwards to kill her but Blackhound uses his power to overcome Lightning's gravity power and pull Melissa out of the way. However Lightning catches him and kicks him away before mercilessly electrocuting the former villain to death.

Up on the roof of a building, Iblis notes Melissa's death to Metheos whilst Lightning soaks up the praise of the media. Iblis moans that she wanted Lightning's powers but Metheos tells her it's better to have more heroes like him. Dream Girl tells Blackhound there's nothing they can do now and they'd get his suit tomorrow and as he gets up he looks up when he notices someone staring at him.