Season 2, Episode 7


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30th June, 2015
29th July, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 7: In a deserted rig Lightning lectures a superblic about the rules regarding superblics. The man tells him he's unofficially lived his whole life as a hero, but Lightning ignores him. Lightning then tells Succubus to eliminate him but the sidekick sees the superblic's truthfulness and stops. However Lightning bats her away and berates her, before walking outside and then crushing the building they were in with his powers.

In the Arondite headquarters, Lamia is working nervously under the gaze of Jina. Wondering if her nervousness was due to her dry throat, Jina offers to get her a drink, adding that she heard sidekicks do menial tasks for their masters. At that Lamia drags Jina into a meeting room and tells her she wasn't her master, that this was her job and that even if she was her sidekick she wouldn't make them do menial tasks. As Jina surmises Lamia's nature, Lamia drinks and then says that she only became a hero due to the chaos that was occurring at the time before mumbling into sleep. Jina then remembers she only came to see her father.

In the CEO's office, Thomas Ellison pleas to Lightning that the Arondite Group were giving up as much money as they could to the Humankind Security Committee but Lightning ignores his comments and tells Succubus to rough him up. She hesitates but he goads Succubus, causing her to use her powers on Mr. Ellison, frightening him. Outside the office, Jina arrives only to be told that her father was busy with a client and didn't want to be disturbed. Jina wonders why something felt odd and, as Lightning threatens Mr. Ellison further, Jina walks into the office.

In the meeting room, Lamia's boss walks in and looks angry after seeing her sitting down...