Season 2, Episode 4


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9th June, 2015
8st July, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 4: In an office, Lamia's boss complains about Lamia with another employee reading about Nightmare in the newspaper. Lamia then bursts in, apologising for being late. The latter employee notes that she smells of alcohol, calling her out on her behaviour before firing her, much to her displeasure. Elsewhere, Jina commends her butler for finding Nightmare before adding that Lamia was fit to be her master.

Jina then asks for her and Lamia recognises her from before. Before the woman can say anymore, Lamia pins her against the wall and asks how she was found. The woman introduces herself as Jina Ellison and tells Lamia that she is now Nightmare's sidekick. Lamia's boss asks her if she really wants to be fired with Lamia mistakenly calling him master and saying she was just leaving. She then turns to look at the sleeping Jina and notes that she wasn't an ordinary stalker.

Meanwhile the mysterious man with glasses tells Metaroid that they had withdrawn too early and he was certain Nightmare was behind the recent villains' defeat. Metaroid says he brought a policeman from the scene but the man says he knew nothing as he and everyone else was asleep at the time, with the glasses man corroborating the policeman's words; Metaroid gets annoyed he brought the policeman for no reason and snap his neck. The glasses man then said he would make Nightmare show herself.

Jina suddenly wakes up from a nightmare she is having to Lamia telling her they were still at her office. Lamia tells her she was curious as to why Jina wanted to be her sidekick and Jina explains what had happened to her as well as how she ended up in the West. Lamia tells her that was not what she meant, before asking her why she wanted to live as a hero. Adding that the current committee was corrupt, Lamia tells Jina to do things she feels are righteous if she wanted to become a hero, finishing by saying Jina didn't need to follow someone else's rules to be a hero. After Lamia leaves her office, her heart racing, she frantically wonders if Jina will still follow her.

As Alex drives Jina home, he reveals to her the current lifestyle of the heroes that were no longer attached to the Committee. However Jina is immersed in her thoughts remembering the things Lamia had told her. Alex asks if everything was alright but Jina assures him everything was fine. Then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a huge truck crashes into their car...