Season 2, Episode 36


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19th January, 2016
17th February, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 36: With Sieg downed, Nightmare holds the Holy Fluid thinking it is wine. Meanwhile Helen briefly regains consciousness and informs Hacky and Jina that Lightning killed the 6th and 7th and stole their Nine Stuff, one of which was the Golden Candle; she then dies.

At that Lightning springs up and utilises the power of the Golden Candle, its power affecting all those present. Lightning then grabs Nightmare's arm and tries to take the Holy Fluid from here only to realise he couldn't use his superpowers. The Iblis-controlled Sieg then violently kicks Nightmare away and retrieves the Holy Fluid with Seeker noting that his Reflection skill must have reflected the effect of the Golden Candle back to Lightning. Phoenix then tries to attack but is easily repelled and is almost decapitated by Sieg. As Alex tries to remove the Golden Candle from the ground, Sieg uses the time to escape much to Lightning's chagrin. He then wonders why everyone was staring at him "like that".

As Alex finally pulls out the Golden Candle, Jina worries about her downed master who was helpless when struck without her superpowers.