Season 2, Episode 26


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10th November, 2015
11th December, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 26: Alex rushes in to protect Jina after he also receives the power boost from the Forcebite inside him. However, Sieg lands a serious looking slash across Blood Pack's body, causing Alex to take out one of his replicates. Having been overwhelmed and floored by Alex, Sieg wonders if it was over but notices that the two had disappeared. As they get away, Blood Pack remembers her mission but Alex tells her that they might not have been able to handle Sieg in their condition and adds that she would see him again soon.

Limpid tries to stop Phoenix as they were on the same side, but the young sidekick dives at Dire, with the latter noting that anyone who attacks him would get beaten. However, despite Dire hitting Phoenix in the face with a forceful flick, Phoenix manages to get away with the leader of the executive Committee member's security team. Meanwhile, Alex tells Blood Pack that Hacky had found the 5th Committee executives's Nine Stuff, "Holy Fluid". He goes on to say that it couldn't fall into the hands of the villains or Lightning.

Elsewhere, hearing Seeker's news, Lightning prepares to move in order to get his hands on the Holy Fluid. Succubus mentions they hadn't retrieved Dire's cape and Lightning explains what it was and that no-one knew what power it held. Meanwhile, Dire flies after Phoenix and easily catches him up. Phoenix looks on in surprise only for Nightmare to appear behind Dire interpreting that he was the villain.