Episode 17


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8th July, 2014
1st October, 2014
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Episode 17: A mind controlled Olivia kills Sergeant Taylor and Theo tries to attack them, but stops after remembering the Sergeant's words. The controlled corpsmen then go to attack Theo again but they are all incapacitated by a wave of electricity from Lightning. Limpid recognises that the corpsmen were under Phantom's control and she asks Ryan what happened. He fills her in on what he saw, adding that he believed Lightning's sidekick was Phantom, much to Lighning's disbelief.

At the Committee's prison, Camilla tells Kyle that she had a bad feeling and they should free Darkslug but when they get to his cell, they find he has already escaped. Kyle asks if he had gone to the 13th Villain Prison and Camilla correctly assumes so, adding that if he flew there he would probably use up most of his powers by the time he arrives.

At the Villain Prison Limpid grills a tense Lightning about his sidekick and Ryan finishes telling Limpid what he saw. Limpid asks if Olivia could be Phantom but a recovered Theo replies that it couldn't be her. With the barrier deactivated Theo attempts to punch the door down to no avail; Limpid punches it down instead. Inside they see the emaciated, drained corpses of Pluton's victims, including Judy. Theo then wonders what happened to Lamia...