Episode 16


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1st July, 2014
24th September 2014
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Episode 16: All of the corpsmen attack Theo on Olivia's orders and he defends himself. Olivia then fires a Beam Burster despite her teammates being in the way. Elsewhere, Ryan informs Lightning than Pluton was loose, visibly unnerving the hero. After being told Pluton was still contained in the room, Ryan suggests saving his colleagues but Lightning hits him and says not to as it would release Pluton and that heroes had to make hard decisions.

Sergeant Taylor blocks Olivia's Beam Burster with his body and tells Theo that the offending corpsmen were being mind controlled. As Olivia kicks him back, he says that he wouldn't let any of his subordinates die. Lightning tells Ryan that he was going to inform the Committee until Limpid appears behind him and berates him for his words. She then commands Ryan to take her to control room, much to Lightning's chagrin.

An injured Sergeant Taylor tells Theo that to stop the mind control he would have to defeat the real Phantom. The mind controlled Olivia then tells him he talks too much before impaling him with her hand, killing him. Inside Pluton's room, Lightning's sidekick regains consciousness.