Episode 13


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10th June, 2014
3rd September, 2014
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Episode 13: The heroes in charge of Pluton's transfer arrive and are greeted by Master Sergeant Taylor and the other corpsmen. Sergeant Taylor asks where Darkslug is and Dream Girl mumbles an answer. Meanwhile, a chilled Darkslug is lying on a bench in the Committee prison. At the 13th Villain Prison, Olivia and Judy greet Lamia who is shocked to see them there.

The executive Committee member Pietro is informed of Darkslug's status. A voice then tells Pietro that Darkslug practically through himself into jail and also that he would also free Pluton tonight. Pietro recognises that Phantom is speaking to him and tells him he shouldn't be here. Phantom calls him stupid and says that he doesn't exist there.

In the Villain Prison, Sergeant Taylor allocated duties to the new Under Corps recruits and sent them on their way. Olivia delivers Limpid's food to her and Theo attempts to deliver Lamia's food to her, ending up bringing her food to the roof. Lamia asks how Olivia was doing and Theo tells her she was fine; a loud beep signals a shift change and Theo heads off. Elsewhere, Olivia and Judy are walking and the former reveals her plan to release Pluton and get Lamia killed 'by accident'. Theo, standing behind a wall, overhears their conversation.