Episode 12


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3rd June, 2014
27th August, 2014
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Episode 12: The new Under Corps recruits are shown around the Villain Prison by the Master Sergeant. Near the end, Ryan asks what was behind a door which looked different to the others, but Sergeant Taylor tells him it was better if he didn't know. Olivia looks at the door and behind it Pluton smiles inside his containment tank.

Lamia sees her new suit with advertisements on the front and back; she then gets a call from Camilla asking if what Darkslug had done was true and Lamia confirms. Kyle then informs Camilla of a problem concerning Darkslug and Pluton's transfer.

In the eating hall, Ryan tries to make conversation with Theo and Judy makes some snide remarks. Olivia telepathically apologises for her words. Two corpsmen come over and harass Judy and Olivia and the former gets ready to attack them, but Olivia quells the situation and then apologises for their actions. An announcement commands all the corpsmen to assemble at the runway and Olivia tells Judy she'd catch up. Olivia then goes to the men's toilets and proceeds to beat up the two earlier corpsmen before telling them that they need to help her with something.